Earn Money with Self- Publishing eBook in 2021

Do you want to Earn Money with Self- Publishing eBook, do you like to be part of a solution finder in different ways?

Helping people get solutions for their problems by writing eBooks is one of the most generous ways to help others and to help yourself earn passive income.

Writing ebook is one of the most common digital marketing online business models.

In this post I will share basic tips on how to self-publish eBooks on AMazon in 2021 and beyond as one of your passive income streams.

Please, remember that Self publishing eBook is not to get rich quick. It is a long term online business strategy where you can slowly build your brand and then continue to generate income for years.

Tip #1 Ask “Why” you should write an ebook? What is your why? As a content marketer, you always have to position yourself in the direction of where people look for solutions for their problems.

In short, your “why” should focus on how to be a solution finder, be a storyteller where others can relate to, and become a game changer using influential words throughout your ebook.

Let me give you some examples of non-fiction ebooks: how to quit smoking naturally, how to lose weight working out from home, how to remodel your kitchen with low cost step by step, and how to start affiliate marketing with no experience to mention the few. You can write, fiction, romance, science, educational and different business ebooks as well.

Tip #2. Know How much can you earn on average? The price range varies, most commonly the price is between $2.99 – $9.99 for one ebook.

You have to know that there are 2 types of royalty plans that you can choose from, the 70% and 35% that Amazon shares with your self publishing ebook sales. There is eligibility and requirements that you have to meet. You just have to read through the requirements and pick one of the 2 options then you can start earning out of the royalty options as soon as you make your 1st sale.

Tip #3. Know How you can self- publish with no writing experience! Write down your personal experience, or your knowledge in a way that someone can benefit from it. Then, save your content as a PDF file, or on google word doc, or on microsoft word then transfer it to self-publish site. Just follow the instruction on Kindle direct publishing, go to kdp.com kdp stands for Kindle direct publishing.

There are self-guided resources on Amazon Kindle direct publishing website.

Or you can hire a content writer on Fiverr.com then you publish your ebook.

Short ebooks can be anywhere between 15 to 100 manuscript pages in length.

Tip #4. How can you scale it? In other words, how can you multiply and grow your income from publishing your ebooks? Always focus on branding, Publishing ebooks on Amazon is newby friendly, it is less complex compared to other digital marketing businesses. You can use your ebook as a lead magnet as an introduction to your high ticket digital products such as your high prices online courses. Through your ebook introduce your readers to your high ticket affiliate programs and other businesses that you may have.

Did you know, in the US only, 600,000 to one million books self-published every year?

Did you know?

Self Publishing ebooks take less than 5 minutes once you have your content ready and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours! I think That is very, really cool.

If you are designing your ebook cover you can use Canva.com for free.

Or, you can hire a designer on Fiverr.com to have a professional ebook cover.

Well, this is just a tip to inspire you to consider publishing an ebook so you can start earning some extra money by helping others.

I hope this post has helped you in some ways. If you would like to learn more about self-publishing ebooks, please leave me in the comment section.

Best Digital Marketing Ideas For Nurses in 2021

Become A Nurse Entrepreneur

As a nurse you have so many skills, competency and knowledge that you can leverage from and help others by starting a business in the online space.

An online Nurse Coach business is one of the best digital marketing models that you can start in 4 different ways with a very low start up cost.

Online Nurse Coach business model is highly convenient, you can start as a part time from anywhere in the world. You can help clients from different backgrounds,  with different health conditions at any time you can from the comfort of your home.

Tip # 1. You can do 1-1 coaching to help individuals by teaching them about the specific health condition they may have, give them guidance, give them direction as to how to take action in times of difficulties and dilemmas.

Tip # 2. You can create group sessions such as live online sessions to educate a group of clients on different health topics, it can be health promotion, tips on weight loss, healthy lifestyle choices, medication management, daily activity of living, mental or emotional health and how to advocate for themselves.

Tip # 3. You can create Automated teaching sessions pre-recorded educational materials so clients can buy and consume the education you prepared at their own pace. You can add some short video clips or audio presentations so your clients can listen to the recording while doing other activities, it creates more convenience.

Tip # 4 Teach using social media platforms and become an influencer if you love to create impact to the public in specific health issues such as mental health awareness.  If you like to educate people live on Facebook, or TikTok and YouTube platforms, you can reach out to countless people and you can impact their life in a positive way.

Plus, those platforms are free to use, unless you want to run paid-ads. Live sessions are for free. You just have to figure out your payment methods when using free social media platforms.

Do not procrastinate, don’t wait, just start your Nurse coach online business today.




4 Best Industries to Become Wealthy

Learn Some of the Best Ways To Become Wealthy in 2021

Extreme wealth inequality is growing in the world. Almost half of the world’s population is living on less than $5 income per day!

Shockingly the gap between the poor and the rich is extremely widening. 

Hi everyone and welcome to Prosper with TG Online Riches.

If you are determined to make a difference in your financial life and add incredible value to the world, pick one of the following 4 profitable industries and transform the world around you.

1. Healthcare industry: for example home health agencies, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, urgent care, private practice, pharmacy/ drug store, counselling centers, and fitness facilities to mention the few. Remember most people will do anything to live longer, happier and healthier. Time and time again, evidence shows that the healthcare industry will Only grow faster than ever. According to the Healthcare Global market report, The global healthcare market reached a value of nearly $8 billion in 2018 and it is expected to grow to nearly $12 billion by 2022.

2. Technology industry: technology has been evolving at a very fast speed creating a more efficient world. Building your business around new technology can definitely make you wealthy such as, using robotics and artificial intelligence, developing apps, and assistive devices in a digital form or in more advanced products. Digital assets such as digital courses, online schools, and creative interactive social media are some of the few.

3. Real estate and construction industry:  owning rental properties for commercial or residential houses or apartments, buying and flipping properties, and owning a home builder company are some of the few. Did you know the United Nation forecast states that by 2025 the world’s population will grow to 8 Billion and by 2050 the world’s population will grow to 10 Billion. That is why you should start investing in real estate in 2021.

4. Financial services: companies that provide money management services and financial assistance are more profitable. They say  “the money is in the money” for example, credit counselling for seniors, financial consultants, credit unions and banks.

I am personally involved in the healthcare and technology industries and soon will invest in the real estate industry. Creating online assets is extremely reading, for more information feel free to check out in the description section.

These are not the only profitable industries. However, you can’t go wrong with those 4 industries if you really want to build wealth while making a difference in the world.

And, remember you can start in 2021 from anywhere in the world.



How to Build Copywriting Skill? How Can You Master Copywriting?

In order to undestand how to build copywriting skill, it is very important to undertsnad what copywriting is.

Copy writing skill is one of the high income skills that can pay you off forever!

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the ability to write persuasive and very informative messages that converts, that creates urgency and influences somebody to buy your products or services.

Learn more here for only $1, this Playbook can be a game changer.

Why is it important to have Copywriting skill?

In any circumstances, your skills will be yours forever, even if you lose your money for some reason, you will always win and prosper again and again because your skill will be wanted forever.

Without a copywriter’s help to advertise and persuade customers to buy, a company can completely fail and go bankrupt.

Examples of copywriting that are in a very high demand include but not limited to

  1. Writing professional emails and Email marketing,
  2. Writing landing pages,
  3. Writing FaceBook Ad copies,
  4. Writing order pages, descriptions for eCommerce.

How Can You Master Copywriting?

  1. Have the ability to understand your potential buyers, put your customer first, hear them out first.
  2. Build the skill of learning your customer’s behavior
  3. Learn the psychology of your potential buyers, create highly engaging conversation
  4. Train yourself how to help people take action when you present them the opportunity to buy your product and services.
  5. Identify your potential customer’s pain point, identify their greatest problem
  6. Be cautious not to sell them, customers don’t want to be sold, but they want to buy!
  7. Invest in your education and skills by taking structured and high quality courses so you can apply proven formulas and to keep up with Ever- Evolving copywriting skills.
  8. Practice, practice and practice over and over again.

If you start building your copywriting skills today and practice it everyday, before you know it, you will master the high income skill that each and every company wants.

Check this link here and register for training for a very low price and start building your copywriting skill.

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Top 5 Websites You Can Sell Photos and Earn Extra Income

Sell Photos Online 

You don’t have to be an expert photographer to sell photos and to add some cash into your pocket. If you have some hobby of taking pictures, turn that hobby into an online business from anywhere in the world.

#1. Shutterstock. Go to Shutterstock.com and signup to share with the world your creative photos. You should know that Shutterstock website is a leading global provider of high-quality licensed images, videos, and music. You can earn in 2 different ways: one-  you can get paid upto $120 per image for your high quality photos; two – by referring customers to buy photos you can earn up to 40% commission each time customers download your images or videos from Shutterstock platform, basically you become affiliate marketer for them, it is an amazing marketplace that empowers the world’s storytellers. You can join shutterstock from anywhere in the world.

#2. SmugMug Pro website. Go to smugmug.com and signup, they handle everything from billing to shipping when your photo needs to be printed out. SmugMug is an online video and photo platform where you create an account and sign up for a monthly subscription, then start uploading your photos, then every time someone  buys your photo, you get 85% of the markup price for your images. On SmugMug, all photos have high royalty, that means no free option, people will buy, you get 85% of the markup price. Very cool opportunity!

#3. IStockphoto. Go to istockphoto.com website and fill out an online application. Istockphoto is an online royalty free, international micro stock photography provider based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company offers millions of photos, illustrations, clip art, videos and audio tracks. Nearly half a million new photos, illustrations, videos and audio files are added each month. You can earn anywhere from 15% – 45% depending on your exclusive status in the platform.

#4. Crestock – is an online stock photo agency. They offer royalty free stock photos and images, it has been around since 2005. Crestock platform has kept its vision to provide high quality stock photos and images for fairly competitive prices.Because only one licensing option is available, Crestock has prioritized buyer education and graphic designer resources. In addition, Crestock has various buyer options to make Crestock an amazing stock photo agency. Their free image options are plentiful and large, plus their industry information relevant and always up to date.

#5. Etsy – is more known as a marketplace to buy and sell unique handmade goods. However, it has become more favorable for people who wants to sell their photos to earn extra money. It is a popular an American e-commerce website, more focused on craft supplies made by hand and other valuable items as well. However, Etsy is becoming a platform where you can post your photos and sell them at their marketplace. So consider to have a piece of Etsy’s e-commerce spot with your creative photography talents.

There are so many other online platforms where you can upload quality photos, and grow your income stream while enjoying your photography hobby from wherever you are in the world.

By doing so professionally, you become a Digital Marketer. Learn more about Digital marketing, go to my #1 recommendation here and start building your photography online business.

Thanks for stopping by this post. Let me know in the comment if you need a hand with anything related to your online business.

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How To Learn Anything Fast From Anywhere in the World!


You Can Learn Anything Fast If You Do The Following Tips!

When learning new things, understand how to process the information fast and how to retain them for a longer time in your memory.

It can be for a new job interview, for a licensure board exam, for your online business startup training, to complete a short course classes for certification, and it can be for some kind of competition that you really want to be very successful. 

1. Avoid late night studying, overloading and cramming. People who like cramming for emergency test preparation are not going to retain the information they read. Late night studying and overloading with tons of information is not good to store information for a long term. Your brain needs time to store information in your memory so it can last longer.

2. Practice sleep sandwich technique: The Sandwich Technique is a very helpful technique in many areas in life. When you want to learn new things fast, try the sleep sandwich technique. You have to study, then sleep and then study more because sleep facilitates storing information faster and helps you retain memory. That’s why a good night sleep is very important to stay focused and to have the greatest memory because your conscious mind goes to sleep, your unconscious mind continues to store memories and to retain information.

Know How to Learn Fast!
Tips How to Learn Fast!

3. Avoid reading or learning new skills while feeling tired. When you are tired, your brain feels slow and foggy. If you feel tired, get some break, or take a short walk, stretch your legs, or do some breathing exercise to regain your energy back. Tired body and brain is less productive.

4. Chewing gum, helps to concentrate and helps to relax. For best learning experience, concentration is a key. When you chew gum, you feel relaxed and when you are relaxed, your brain can store information efficiently. So, get up and grab some gum before you start your learning session.

5. Maintain hydration, drink water, or nice calming hot or cold tea, or any nice and cold beverages with no alcohol, and with no concentrated sugar. Stay away from too much caffeine, too much stimulants can affect your brain function. You can drink coffee or tea in moderation.

Tips How to Learn Fast!
Learning Fast Spares Much of Your Time!

When you are hydrated well, your blood circulation to your brain will remain at the optimum level, by doing so, you are helping your brain do its job. Make a habit of grabbing a glass of fresh water before you start your learning session, it doesn’t matter what you are trying to learn.

Thanks for stopping by this post. If you have any question please leave me in the comment section.

Peace, Health and Prosperity to You!

TG, The CEO of Prosper With TG.Com



How to Save Money On Grocery Shopping

Learn the Best Way to Save Money on Groceries


I will share 7 Tips To Help You Save Half of Your Grocery Shopping Bills. And at the end of this post I will give you bonus tips on how to spare money for your emergency fund and for your long term investment.

During the holiday season in Western Countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe, people tend to spend extremely more than they need.

In 2019, in the United States only, on average one family spent an additional over $1,000.00 during the holiday season in the month of November and December.

The worst part is, the holiday expense is not part of the family’s planned expense for most families.

Learn prudent ways of saving your grocery shopping bills so you can spare some money towards other very essential needs.

The reason is, grocery shopping is one of the most essential parts of our life that requires spending money.

Oftentimes we do not practice the best ways of saving some money out of grocery shopping. Unconsciously, we continue to shop the same way we have been shopping for years for our everyday grocery needs.

Smart Grocery Shopping Tips
How to Save Money On Grocery Shopping.

The following  7 Tips will help you Save Half of Your Grocery Shopping Bills

1 – Look through your pantry or your storeroom first before you start your grocery list. Be intentional and be honest so you can spare some money that you need for investment saving or for emergency funding.

2 – Create a list and stick with your list when you are shopping. It can be very tempting, and can be a little hard not to grab items that you see in the store that are not included in your list. However, ultimately, your wallet has to judge how much you can afford on your grocery shopping.

3 – Learn how to Use some websites and apps to help you have cooking ideas on the food items you already have: such as supercook.com website, they have amazing recipes with the ingredients you already have so you don’t have to go out and shop just because you have no idea on how to make delicious meal with the food you have. Download the App and use it and enjoy new ways of making delicious meals that fits your budget.

4 – Avoid buying pre-cut fruits and vegetables. If you ask why, precut fruits and vegetables are more expensive than fruits that you have to cut and prep when you take them home. For example, Pineapples, watermelons, Carrots, kale and broccoli. When the supplier company prepares the pre-cut fruit package, they have to spend more resources and the cost will be added to the end user or customer which is going be you if you are not smart enough.

5 – Buy frozen food – why? Do you know that buying frozen food can save your money at least by 50 percent because frozen food is cheaper than the same kind of fresh food. Plus, you can store them in your freezer for weeks and for months if you have a nice working freezer. So many people waste and toss fresh food when they don’t have time to cook or to consume before the food goes bad and gets spoiled. So, buy frozen food when it is possible and do yourself a favor by saving some cash and also by avoiding unnecessary wasting.


6 – Use coupons to buy items on discounts and on sale – specially during holiday seasons, there are so many discounts on pruduces and other items. Pay close attention to food products on sale and items that you can use your coupones and before you know it you have saved a few dollars. Then, repeat same habit for consistent saving result.

Smart Grocery shopping!
Smart Grocery shopping is in Your Hands!

7 – Pay in cash – once you know how much you are going to spend for your grocery shopping, get your cash ready. Pay with your cash only so you can easily stay on budget. If you pay with your credit card instead, you will end up paying more than you plan to spend. Be smart and stay on budget. Some people are very good at sticking with their budget and they use credit card rewards to add more points for their future shopping or for their gas by using their credit cards wisely. Once you train yourself to stay on budget, using credit card rewards is the smartest way to spare extra cash.

Bonus Tips

1. By being very prudent and smart, you are only going to be beneficial in the short and in the long term.

2. Don’t forget that valuing your money is valuing your hard work. You are fully responsible to ensure that you are not throwing your money in the garbage.

3. Be intentional, be educated, spare each dollar for your emergency fund and save more money for your long term investment.

Thanks for stopping by this post.

TG the CEO of Prosper With TG.com



How to Manage Healthy Financial Life

In this post, I will share 5 Financial Plan Tips to help you build wealth with low income from anywhere in the world

Money Management
How to Manage Healthy Financial Life

Why is a healthy financial life especially important?

Studies indicate that having structured financial goals can help you have a bigger picture, and it helps you to set a clear map for your short term and long term income goals.

Big disclaimer, the content of this post is not to provide legal financial advice.  It is simply to share the knowledge and the experience as well as to inspire and motivate you so you can achieve your money goals.

The following 5 tips can help you to have structured and effective financial goals.

I will give you bonus tips at the end of this post. So, stick around and enjoy reading to the end.

There are different recommendations when it comes to target spending and saving rules of thumb.

The most common rules of thumb are 50/30/20% and 50/30/15/5%

There is no right or wrong rule of thumb, it is just a matter of individual preferences based on your target spending and saving plans.

For the sake of this post, I would like to share the

50%   30%  15%  and 5% target spending, saving and investing rule of thumb. To explain a little a bit more: –

  1.  The 50% rule of thumb- Create a spending plan – Do not spend more than 50% of your take-home income for your essential expenses: such as living expenses, for your home, your food, insurance, bills…etc
  2.  The 30% rule of thumb- Identify your highest interest rates on your credit cards and you should Pay off credits with high interest rates first with your 30% take-home income. Experts recommend that paying off the high interest rate credit cards first is a very smart way to spare your money and to start the “pay yourself” strategy.
  3. After you pay off your high interest rate credit cards, plan to Invest the 30% of your take- home money with strong commitment and determination. When you start investing, the recommended best investment strategy is to have an average annual rate of return of 6.5% on your investment. This might be unrealistic at the beginning. You can do more research and do more self-education to understand an average Return on investment percentage that fits with your situation.
  4. The 15% rule of thumb- Create a long-term saving goal – Save upto 15% of your annual income. Instead of planning to save once a year, plan to save it every month. Your savings are not after your expenses, you should save before you take money for your essential expenses. To be more precise, plan to save exactly 15% which is the average percentage for your savings as recommended by financial experts. Always save 15 % of your annual income first if you really are determined to become financially strong. It is for your long term retirement plan.
  5. The 5% rule of thumb – Have an Emergency fund or short term saving- Save 5% of your take-home income towards your emergency fund. Emergency fund is the money you use in times of illness or job loss. It is extremely important to be prepared financially rather than face the hardships when they arise.  Financial experts recommend to have an emergency fund saved to cover your needs for upto 3-6 months if you lose all your income for some reason.
Healthy Financial
How to Manage Healthy Financial Life

Bonus tips: –

The biggest takeaway from this post is, have the concept of “Pay yourself first” when investing and saving.

In other words, do not keeping losing money, do not keep paying off interest rates for your loans and credit cards, do not immerse in big dept unnecessarily when you can pay it off and start saving money for yourself and start investing for your future.

In general, it is not about micromanaging every penny or every dollar.

It is about “Know why you should invest?”, ask yourself what ultimate goals you have that make you stick with your investment plans. In times of emergency and unexpected financial loss, know how you can create more cash flow to your bank account no matter how hard it can be.

Always, remember to have the attitude of “how can I afford to invest?” Rather than “I can’t afford to invest”

Discipline yourself to stick with your goals in order to become wealthy and prosperous.

For more understanding, read the following three recommended books:

  1. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  3. Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.

Check out my #1 recommendation to earn extra cash as a side hustle or to become a fulltime successful digital marketer => You were Born to Thrive!

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Healthy Financial Life
How to Manage Healthy Financial Life

3 Best Print on Demand Online Businesses for Beginners Start for Free

Make Money Online with Print On Demand Business!

There are two main business categories: products and services with your online business.

Best Print On Demand Business
Best Websites To Start Print On Demand Online Business for Beginners Worldwide

I would love to share the 3 best  Print on demand online businesses that you can start today for free or for a very low start up cost.

Print On Demand online business!!

Why should you start an online business? Why is an online business very different from traditional off-line business?

Well, online business can give you the opportunity to live your life in your terms compared to traditional business where you or your business representative have to be present at all times.

Because, you can automate your online business, you have freedom of time, freedom of place, highly scalable within a short period of time, you can impact people worldwide and you can start with very low cost or for free.

Start Print on demand business for free. Create accounts on these 3 websites: RedBubble.com, Teespring.com and Merch By Amazon.com

You need to create designs and sell your designs on their physical products. You don’t need to have your own physical products.

If you want to watch my YouTube Video, check it out here.

These websites have their own products such as: t-shirts, logos, business cards, coffee mugs, gift bags, dresses, all kinds of gift items. You bring new designs to those stores so that people can select and buy your design on those gift items. Then you make money sharing the profit with the RedBubble, or Teespring or Merch By Amazon.

Free design creating websites: Canva.com, printful.com, photopea.com and Printify.com

If you want to design only on your iphone, download Typorama app and start designing, for android phone download Canva.com actually you can download Canva.com on your desktop, iphone and android.

If you really want to earn extra cash, don’t look further. Pick one website, start designing for free and sell on those free Print on demand websites.

Online business can help you to Live in the moment, Build your future!

That’s all I have for today, would love to hear from you if you share your experience in the comment section.

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How to Develop Public Speaking Skill

Improve Your Speaking Skill

For any online entrepreneur, Public Speaking and Presenting Skill is one of the Bests and One of the High-Income Skills.

In order to have a winning and influential speech, you should

#1. Focus on the audience needs

#2. Minimize the amount of texts or sentences on your slides if you use slides or word docs.

#3. Use powerful images and pictures on your presentation because human brains do well with visual objects

#4. Keep it simple, to the point and clear. They say, “less is more”

Feel free to check out the powerpoint version here How to Develop Speaking Skill

Or, check out the short YouTube video version if you wish to.

Thanks for stopping by this post.