4 Tips How to Overcome Self- Doubt

Self- Doubt is a Huge Barrier to Success. As an online entrepreneur, if you struggle with Self-doubt you have to apply the following tips to become successful.

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1. Raise Your Self-Awareness

Self awareness helps you to understand the root causes of your self-doubt.

Identify the specific situations that trigger self-doubt. If it is from the lack of knowledge and skill in any area,  it is possible to resolve the root cause. You gotta dig deeper to understand the root cause of self doubt, then plan to eliminate the cause.

2. Avoid Making Excuses – Do the work, avoid avoidance.

Change the way you take action. Get out of your own way in order to overcome some resistance you may have. A lot of times we rationalize difficult situations to fit our emotional state instead of making an effort to accomplish the work.

3. Build and expand the foundation inside your comfort zone

To expand your comfort zone, you have to change your behavioral space where your activities and behaviors always fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk.

When you stay within your comfort zone, you have a steady level of performance, you can’t face new challenges, and you can’t take a risk.

As a result, you can’t overcome your self doubt.

Do your everyday activities differently, try new ways of doing regular things, then you will come to learn that you can do anything.

4. Acknowledge your achievements – Look back and see how far you’ve come and celebrate every little achievement. Acknowledging your little achievements can boost your self confidence and improves your productivity.

Stop Self-Doubt!
Eliminate Self-Doubt!


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What’s Digital Marketing?

What’s Digital Marketing 2020?

This short video content can help you have a summary of Digital  Marketing.

This video is only a highlight about digital marketing.


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How to Become Mentally Strong!

Mental Strength Can Be Built!
Mental Strength is an Everyday Progress!

What is mental strength?

Mental strength is a measurement of how mentally tough a person is in terms of resilience and confidence in everyday life.

Mental strength is the ability of a person to effectively overcome challenges and drastic changes in life.

Mental strength can be improved through time when a person takes intentional actions towards building his or her mental strength.

Five Amazing Practical Tips To Become Mentally Strong

  1. Have flexibility for Others Opinions 

Mentally strong people have a better flexibility for others opinions. Facing arguments and coming across different opinions are common in life. Mentally weak people walk away blindly if they don’t understand something or if the argument is something they don’t agree with. Mentally weak people are mentally stuck with their own opinion, then they block out others opinions and consequently it might cost them a lot.

To become mentally strong, be flexible, avoid ignorance and become open-minded. Consider basing on evidence before you walk away blindly, value others opinions, and be comfortable to accept other people’s constructive feedback. Be comfortable to change your mind if necessary because it does not mean you’re wrong it simply means you are growing as a person.

2. Avoid Emotional Responsibility

Do not be afraid to disappoint someone when you need to make appropriate decisions in your life, in your business world or at your job. Do not compromise your commitment towards your goals just to spare other people’s feelings. Being mindful for others’ feelings is different from prioritizing your tasks, your work and your plans over others that may take your productive time away from you.

Other people’s feelings are Not your responsibility!

If you are a person who panics when someone is upset with you, then you need to set and reinforce boundaries. Avoid stretching yourself too thin trying to make other people happy just to spare your feelings and to prevent others from becoming upset with you. If you always try to please others by sacrificing your happiness, then you need to become mentally tough and you need to avoid emotional responsibility.

You need to stand for yourself and be confident every time you say no and you need to avoid feeling guilty for saying no when it’s necessary. To become mentally strong, practice avoiding emotional responsibility for others in every situation. Most Mentally strong people are kind and generous but they make tough decisions by practicing appropriate boundaries to achieve their goals.

3. Build the Ability to Accept Chaos

The truth is, in the real world unexpected and uncontrollable things happen. If you are a kind of person who wants to have control over every little thing, when unexpected things happen, you will be very disappointed and chances are you will be very anxious and depressed. Mentally strong people know that sometimes chaos has to happen.

Mental strength can make you see the limitations you have in a chaotic situation. Mentally strong people have mental boundaries.

Train your brain by willing to accept chaos in life, do not try to micromanage every little thing in life. Focus on things that you can control. Find strength on things that you can control. Separate the things you can control from the things you have no control, and then build your mental strength.

4. Build Your Emotional Intelligence

Many people do not understand their emotion. Ask yourself how well you understand your emotions. Understanding our own emotion is a very important aspect of mental strength. To build emotional intelligence, you have to spend quality time analyzing your feelings to understand yourself better.

It is very common for people to misunderstand and to have bias towards themselves. Know yourself on a more intimate level. Know your bad habits, understand your patterns, and then have a systematic plan to improve yourself in those areas. Build a healthy relationship towards your feelings. If you have high emotional intelligence, there’s a greater chance that you are mentally strong.

5. Practice Reinforcing Boundaries

If you are a person who panics when someone is upset with you, then you need to set and reinforce boundaries. Avoid stretching yourself too thin trying to make other people happy just to spare your feelings and to prevent others from becoming upset with you.

Become mentally strong knowing that it is impossible to please everyone.

You need to create a healthy boundary between your own life and others by creating dedicated time for yourself and to help others. If you go too far to help others and as a result you compromise your own success then take a step back and reinforce your boundary.

Most Mentally strong people are kind and generous but they make tough decisions by practicing appropriate boundaries to achieve their goals.

You can become extraordinarly strong if you practice by engaging with activities such as reading books …

Or taking short online courses such as ” Roadmap To Genius – Improve Intelligence & IQ” and practice what you’ve learned everyday!!

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate Marketing
How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

In this post I will talk about affiliate marketing, why affiliate marketing is a great business model, and what you need to start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a one of the online business models specifically falls under digital marketing.

There are four core digital marketing models: affiliate marketing, digital cources, couching & consulting and mastermind. Affiliate marketing usually is considerd as low value ladder whereas mastermind is the highest ticket in the value ladder.

It’s basically a “referral” and a “recommendation” to other people’s products and services.

It is a great way to help customers and companies by creating valuable content on the internet.

You can start as a part-time side hustle and grow to a full time income.

It’s possible to start from ground zero and scale it up and earn a full time income with affiliate marketing.

Within affiliate marketing business, there is a value ladder where you can sale low ticket products such as ClickBank digital courses for less than 50 dollar.  Same company with 50 dollar offer could have 500 dollar high ticket product which might increase your comission if same customer decides to buy the high ticket product.

I personally know a company which has a one dollar price ebook, a 7 dollar 15 day challenge training and a 3 thousand dollars worth of business blue prints which includes coaching services. As an affiliate marter for this company I can earn comission for each product value if I make a sale using my affiliate link.

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Why Affiliate Marketing is a Great Business model?


It is a Low barrier to entry compared to other online business models.

Much lower overhead cost to start the business compared to traditional business.

You don’t need your own products.

You don’t need to deal with customer services such as returns of products or claims, or any customer service related issues.

You don’t need to build a team or hire employees.

It’s performance based compensation! You get a return based on your effort, your hard work will pay you off sooner or later.

Affiliate marketing enables you to leverage technology and to automate your business in the online space. As a result it gives you the freedom of time and enables you to live your life in your own terms.

Affiliate Marketing is Scalable!
Affiliate Marketing Business is Scalable!

It is truly a Scalable business – it enables you to generate income and scale your profit with or without your active presence.

What Do you Need to Start Affiliate Marketing?

  1. You need a proper mind-set – Affiliate marketing is not “get-rich-quick opportunity”, it’s not for everybody, it requires an open mind set that makes you become resilient and persistent.
  2. You need patience – No shortcuts to become a successful affiliate marketer. It’s mostly meant for a long term success with long-lasting results.
  3. You need a product or a service – Find a product that you believe is the best for your prospect customers.
  4. You need honesty – You have to be honest about the product, the benefits and the disadvantages of buying that specific product.
  5. You need traffic – When buyers are actively looking for best products or best services online, you as affiliate marketer present best products and services in front of the buyers by using Affiliate links.
Affiliate Marketing!
Affiliate Marketing Business has low barrier to entry!

Your traffic source can be free or paid, free traffic takes longer to get you results, paid traffic on the other hand brings you result so quick, for example you can use Facebook paid ads for your ClickBank products and start earning commission in a few months.

Free Traffic Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best free traffic if you use strategies such as SEO Keywords. SEO optimization is also the largest source of free traffic as a blogger, content writer or video content producer.

You need to use keyword tools such as Jaaxy Keyword research tool to get great and competitive keywords. I use Jaaxy keyword and do my keyword research before I start writing my content so I make sure the title I am using for the article is searchable and easy to find in google.

Another free traffic tip is, email marketing and social media. Social media traffic is free however it comes with some restriction such as no direct linking of your affiliate links on FaceBook, other social media platforms such as Quora, they require content writers to publish few articles before you can include your affiliate links.

However, it is possible to post your affiliate links within your articles and track free traffic to your affiliate offer.

Email marketing can be a great source of traffic but it cost few dollars for the automated services that you get for example I use AWeber autoresponder for my email marketing and it costs less than 10 dollars per month.

Another free traffic tip is, YouTube channel. You can use free keyword tools such as VidIQ for your YouTube contents so peaple easily can find your video. Use keyword search strategy and you need to be very specific for your video title.

Also remember to use thumnails for your YouTube video everytime you publish content so that people can go to your video and then to your affiliate offer within the video content.

Free traffic such as YouTube and Blogging websites may take longer to see consistent results. For Example, people shopping to buy a nice headphone online, and if they are looking for reviews on YouTube or Google they probably land on your review content and your affiliate links. If they decide to order the headphone by clicking your affiliate link, you earn commission.

You will have to repeat the same process over and over again to continue making money online as an affiliate marketer.

Because it is a performance based compensation, it is truly rewarding!

The more you stay focused, the more you will be productive!

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What is Passive Income? The Truth ABout Passive Income!


What is Passive Income? The Truth ABout Passive Income!

According to an article on Investopedia,

Passive income is explained as earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or some shared investments, usually the partner is not directly involved in order to have income flow to his/her bank account.

In contrast, many people like the idea of not having to work again, to have income doing nothing, to get paid for doing nothing.

I like that idea too! Who doesn’t, right?

Unfortunately it doesn’t exist!

The idea of passive income is a myth and misleading.

Why passive income doesn’t exist?

And what is the truth then?

The truth is, Passive Income Doesn’t exist.

There is No Magic, There is No secret to Financial Success whether it’s online or traditional Business.

You gotta put the work in…You gotta put the work in. That is the truth!

If you believe passive income exists, I challenge you to ask yourself how the Billionaires in this planet Actively work, Not Passively.

Think about the wealthiest people in this planet,

Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, they have something in common, they are Actively involved in Their investment and in their Business.

However, the biggest difference is, in most profitable businesses, you will continue to generate income for the work you put in the past.

Digital Marketing is the best example.

If you are a person who likes watching a video version of this content, please click this link here so you don’t have to read the entire post.

From the four core digital marketing models, Affiliate marketing gives you the possibility of “Leveraged Income”.

In other words, you create evergreen contents and publish them on the internet, then as you get “active traffic” coming into your content site, you continue to earn commission as long as your channel or your website is active.

There has to be some activities around your great contents that attracts consumers and make them buy your products, or

In monthly or yearly subscription, the subscriber has to keep the subscription for you to earn “recurring income”.

Another example, in a real estate investment, or in rental car business you have to be actively involved in your business. You don’t have to put lots of effort but you or your employees have to put continuous effort in order to grow your return on investment.

Therefore, I argue that the concept of Passive Income is Misleading, and it is wrong.

Instead, the concept of “Leveraged Income” is more accurate in any business model. I learned this from Dan Lok ( Financial Confidence and High Income Skill Educator).

Leverage technology and set up an autopilot,

Leverage people so they work for you.

Leverage your time to help people and then get a return on your invested time, because time is your greatest asset.

Let the money work for you, don’t work for the money, that is leveraged Income.

Don’t trade your time for money as many professional jobs do like nursing jobs and physicians etc. Leverage your professional skills and let the money continue to come in even in your absence.

The point is, effortless income doesn’t last long.

If you want long term success, have a creative mind set, have meaningful business life, love to continue to make a difference actively in people’s life.

The happiest people on the planet are the people who actively impact the world around them, who actively leverage income.

The happiest the wealthiest people actively look for meaningful success not for effortless success.

What’s your argument in this Passive Income Concept?

Feel free to drop your comment below and share your opinion.

I hope you got some values from this post.

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Peace, Health & Prosperity!



The Miss Conception of Passive Income

Unbelievable… Come in Through the Front Door & Right Back Out Through the Back Door … Why??

It is Possible!

It just makes me why the idea of Passive Income is so completely misunderstood by many many individuals.

Have you thought the same way?

You probably have.

Well, with no quality education and proper mind set, the concept of “Passive Income” is like…

Come in Through the Front Door & Right Back Out Through the Back Door, never stay, impossible to stay, feels like it’s completely a wrong place to be at…so, Just quit, don’t even look back…

… and say “Passive Income” is a scam.

That’s what happens when there is a misconception about an online business.

For anyone to create a life changing Income stream:-

1. You got to put in the work first.

2. Create ever green contents,

3. Bring your problem solving product to the world,

4. Help people first then, the money is at the Other-Side of Your Great Service.


investing in yourself and starting an online business now is like Exploring life in a Huge Ocean, the opportunity and the Fun is Un-Endless!

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How to Break The Bad Habits Fast and For Good

Bad habits form easily and they stick easily.


In this post I will share 7 tips on how to break the bad habits fast and for good.

I am sharing this post because

I am working on my bad habit of procrastinating and avoiding to work on my online business blaming my busy and exhausting shift at work,

Always listening to my feelings and making excuses not to get up and get going on my day off… I know working a long hour shift, with no bathroom break, with extreme stress and a high level of responsibility is NOT FUN…

But then, thinking about what’s next? That’s where I get stuck!

I got no answer other than sticking to my goals so I can become financially independent and live my life in my own terms… and for that to happen, I get to force myself to be resilient, to be patient and to put in the work today rather than pushing it for tomorrow and tomorrow will come with lots of craziness and then another tomorrow…

Will never get to where I want to be unless I “Break the Bad Habits” today and for good, do you agree with that??

Please drop a comment below if my story relates to yours…


Unfortunately, the reality of starting an online business is not like they say “passive income”, it rather requires to put the work in, requires lots of discipline, motivation, consistency and lots of patience.

When you are your own boss, that position puts you on a Test and Challenges you in a way that nobody is going to watch you do your job, nobody will chase after you, nobody will do supervision with you and nobody evaluates your productivity!

Just you and only you. That doesn’t sound bad at all right, but it comes with the cost of your future unless you take action now and stick with it until the end… The Truth!!

Bad Habits Slow Your Growth!

From my research on humans behaviors and habits, I came to learn that the cause of bad habits and bad behaviors in humans is the Miss alignment of rewards.

There are 2 types of rewards: the immediate reward and the ultimate reward.

Good habits’ immediate rewards are hard and they are not favorable. Good example, starting to go to gym and to work out does not feel great in the beginning. The immediate reward is hard and not favorable. But, as you repeat working out over and over again the ultimate reward is more favorable to you.

Whereas, bad habits, such as eating sweets now feels great and gives immediate reward but the ultimate reward is bad as you repeat eating sweets regularly over and over again.

Best tips here, enjoy reading!

Tip #1 – Increase your Self- awareness – studies indicate that people who have better self awareness, they perform better, they are more creative, more confident, they feel more self-fulfilled, they are effective leaders, and they communicate better compared to people who lack self-awareness. There are two types of people: those who think they are self aware and those who actually are self aware. About 95% of people think they are self aware but in reality they are not. While about 10- 15% of people actually truly have a great self awareness.

Which one are you? Ask yourself today and be honest to yourself so you can break your bad habits and transform your life.

Tip #2 – Switch patterns and behaviors with mindfulness- this is brain training technique to change the direction of the patterns intentionally.

You can start practicing by clearly writing down or painting the bad habits you want to quit and the good habits that you want to develop. Then, see and visualize them in your brain replacing the bads with the good ones. Repeat this switch pattern habits over and over again until you break your bad habits for good. Try and see how it works for you..

Tip #3 – Delay instant gratification- Human brains are rewired for instant gratification, it always feels like now and only now. Bad habits form easily and they tend to stick easily. Everything you do to change your bad habits, do it to the best of your ability.

Tip #4 – Be willing to leave your comfort zone now and be willing to go against a tide, against the ups and downs, against the rise and the fall in your everyday challenges that you face when you try to break your bad habits.

Tip #5 – Have the urgency of transforming your life – Have the hunger to be more and to do more. The cost of your good habits is in the present, it will cost you to do something that you haven’t done before. The cost of your bad habits is in the future, it destroys your life mentally physically and financially if you don’t quit your bad habits now and for good.

Success does not come only from having potential, it is all about resilience that helps you to override any hardships that you may encounter when you thrive to achieve your goals.

Tip #6 – Build your mindset- work on constant never ending improvement, educate yourself, continue to develop and to grow as a person. Welcome failure if you fail while trying to change your bad habits and success will eventually be yours.

Don’t allow your emotions to control you. Contain and discipline your feelings and your emotions and go after your needs and your visions.

Tip #7 – Find joy in changing your habits. Human beings like to prioritize the present over the future, making the bad habit changing process very difficult and very challenging.

It is not the final goal that should keep you motivated, it is rather the process of changing small bad habits that should keep you motivated.
Everything you do to change your bad habits, do it to the best of your ability and do it with conviction. Be a Winner!

Thanks for reading.

Share your thoughts and let’s learn from each other!

Peace and Prosperity!!



How to Start a Non Medical Home Care Business

Starting a non medical home care business can be challenging in the beginning.

Note: Non medical home care business does not make you rich unless you are very passionate for care giving services but it does make you an amazing care provider if you love helping the needy and the elderly.

Non medical home care interchangeably also called group home business, assisted living business, or in- home care business. Some people get confused with senior assisted living facility with other assisted living homes. Senior assisted living facilities usually are bigger and they require health care professional staff such as registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

Most Common Types of Group Homes

  1. Non Medical Seniors Group Home.
  2. Group Home for Adults with Developmental Disability (DD).
  3. Group Home for Children with Developmental Disability (DD).
  4. Adult Behavioral Group Home (Non DD).

In this post, I will talk about Non Medical Senior Group Home

Caregiving Service is Amazing
Become an Amazing Home Care Provider.

Types of Services for Non Medical Seniors Group Home

For better understanding, non medical group home business is a business that provides personal care, assistance with activity of daily living such as assisting with showering, bathing, meal preparation, errand, transporting to medical appointments, help with laundry, assist and remind taking medications as prescribed, be companion, ensure and monitor for safety etc.

How Much Can You Make in Average?

Depending on your state, the location of your business and the type of population you serve, they type of bed and room you have for your residents such as the price for private room and shared room is very different, additional services such as luxurious services for wealthy seniors like fancy private rooms with some modern safety digital tools in their private room … etc. Generally, the compensation widely varies.

In average, your compensation can range from $3K – $7K monthly per a resident.

How Do You Get Paid?

Medicaid Insurance pays for seniors and for people with disability.

Private pay, wealthy seniors pay out-of-pocket from their retirement savings.

Division for Developmental Disabilities (DDD) pays for Developmental Disability group homes. Usually they do not pay a lot compared to Medicaid.

ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) and AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) – Mental Health and Addictions group homes get paid by the states long term care system, for example the State of Arizona has ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System), it is part of Medicaid program and AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) for Behavioral Health plans.

Group Home for Seniors
Group Home for Seniors

Steps to Start a Non Medical Home Care Business?

You can modify the steps to fit your business plan and your time.

Step One – Do Thorogh Research. Learn your State and City requirements, research how the market is in your area.

Step Two – Contact Your City Zoning Department to Find Out if Your Home Qualifies for Home Care Business

Step Three – Contact Your City Fire Department, Fire Marshal to Find Out Their Requirement

Step Four – Write your Business Plan.

Step Five – Establish Your Liability Limited Company (LLC)

Step Six – Get Your Employer Identification Number (EIN), you can go to IRS.GOV to apply online.

Step Seven – Contact Attorney and Accountant for best Legal Advice and To Have Clear Instruction.

Step Eight – Open a Business Account and Start Saving Money for Your Business and Use Your Business Account for Everything Business Related Expenses.

Step Nine – Prepare Your Home for Inspection based on the Type of Population You are Going to Serve.

Step Ten – Apply for Licensing – your state’s Department of Health Services, Residential Facilities Licensing.

Step Eleven – Prepare Your Organization Policy and Procedure, Have a Clear Policy for Your Employees.

Step Twelve – Hire Caregivers

Step Thirteen – Contact Your Referral Agents and Place Your Clients.

Step Fourteen – set Up Initial Training to Your Employees and Set Up a Regular Inservice Mandatory Training

Step Fifteen – Have Strong Network, Join Like – Minded Community, Learn from Others, Share What You’ve Learned.

Owning a non medical home care business requires you to have some unique qualities as it is a care giving service for the most vulnerable people.

I truly believe that providing quality care giving service for seniors and for the disabled can be very rewarding financially if you know what you are doing and if you do it with great intention.

Quality service increases the quality of your resident’s life, minimizes unnecessary hospitalization and saves millions of dollars that Medicare and Medicaid pays out every year for those very vulnerable population.

Group Home for Seniors & for Disabled
Group Home for Seniors & for Disabled

Some Great Tips To Become Successful…

Have Great Patience,

Be Resilience,

Be a smart risk taker,

Be Bold, have confidence in your business.

Be a Great Decision maker,

Be Joyful, Have a Smile on Your Face at all times

Have Attitude of Gratitude

Be willing to learn new challenges and to overcome obstacles.

Show love and care to your clients, show them great respect.

Have positive relationship with your employees but be Firm.

Be on top of your game, your success is in your hands.

Note: you can Rent your Licensed Group Home for a very good deal if you want, it increases your “CASH FLOW”

Please feel free to share your experiences, do you own a group home, or do you know anyone who owns non medical group home? Or do you know some one close to you who lives in a group home setting?

Tsigemariam G.

Peace and Success to you!!

What is a Non Medical Home Care Business?

If you have a Burning Desire to help others, non medical home care business might be the right call for you. Learn and understand what non medical home care business is here in depth and then apply your knowledge. Enjoy reading!

Non medical home care business is a type of personal care service, no professional health care providers are needed for personal care type of home care business. Any one can become a non medical home care business owner as long as proper legal business entity and licensing is established.

Depending your state regulation, some states require license for your non medical or personal care and some states do not require.

For example,

The State of Arizona does not require license for personal or non medical home care business if you are going to your clients’ homes and provide services at their homes, you get paid hourly for your services.

If you go to Atlanta, Georgia you are required to have a license and your business will get inspection and all that fun stuff from the State for the same type of services you would provide in the State of Arizona.

  • Not requiring having a license mean, there is no formal inspection or monitoring of your home care business directly from your state department of health services. Therefore, you can provide basic daily living services to a person who needs assistance in those areas.
  • Non medical home care or personal care services do not require you to have a licensed health care professional such as registered nurse, physical therapists, occupational therapist, medical doctors etc.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, non medical home care business is a type of service a caregiver person provides to someone who needs help with errands or basic daily tasks. Some common tasks include but not limited to: maintain the household with meal preparation, assist with showering or bathing, laundry, grocery shopping, and other housekeeping items.

Non medical home care or personal care service can also be provided with other home health services by a home health aide as prescribed by a physician or a medical doctor for limited period of time under the supervision of licensed health care professionals such as registered nurses or physical therapist, or an occupational therapist until the patient’s goal is met.

  • For example, when a person sustains a car accident and fractures a bone, after stabilizing the person in a hospital setting, the person will be discharged home by transitioning the person to home health level of care for limited period of time or until the person’s health goal is met.

During this home health services, registered nurses and physical therapists will come to the person’s home, complete evaluation then will start providing professional health services such as administering medications, monitoring the person’s functional level, provide goal centered personalized health education, complete blood work and work with the multidisciplinary team.

If the person needs assistance with activity of daily living, the RN will receive a physician order to approve home health aide service along with other professional services.

When the home health service which is medical home care services ends its service, the person will be formally discharged from the home health services according to the agreement.

In some cases, the person might need only assistance with activity of daily living few hours per week, then person will contact a non medical home care services and will hire them, they come to the person’s home, provide basic services, then get paid hourly rate based on the agreement between the care giver and the person receiving the service.

When home health aide is assigned to a patient for assistance with activity of daily living, the home health aide is not functioning independently as a business owner.

And, therefore that is not considered as a business for the home health aide person because the aide does not own the service, the aide can’t function independently with out the supervision of licensed health care professionals.

However, if the home health aide wants to start a home care business independently, it will be a non medical home care business to help people with activity of daily living. And the title of the care provider will change from Home Health Aide to a Care Giver.

Advantages of Personal or non medical home care business:-

  • Low start up cost, most expenses are from marketing your business and for the gas.
  • You do not have a 24 hour responsibility for the person you provide services because your services are only for few hours per week unless you agree to provide services for longer hours.
  • Your responsibility is only while you are actually providing the care unlike the medical home health care.
  • You do not have to hire care givers if you don’t want to. It is a great idea to have care givers working for your business and grow your business to the next level.
  • You can get paid by cash at a very wide range of pay rate based on who you are providing the service to. Many rich people hire personal care givers and pay out of pocket.
  • You go to people’s home and care for them at their own homes, so you do not need to have a home for your clients. And, most people are so grateful when they receive services at their own home environment and they are very appreciative.
  • It is rewarding financially and emotionally, your earnings are mostly 2-3 times higher than your expenses.
  • Doesn’t require a special degree. If you have medical background and experience, it is a plus.

Disadvantages of Personal or non medical home care business:-

  • It might take time to grow your business since this type of business is mostly included in other types of health care businesses such as home health and group homes.
  • Requires to travel to your clients’ home. Being on the road is not always fun, also put on a lot of miles on your car unless you get lucky to find a client very close by.
  • Going to people’s homes may not be safe at times.
  • Family members or other household members can be problematic by negatively interfering your services.
  • You might need a liability insurance, or you have to have Limited Liability Company (LLC) to protect your business and to prevent any legal issues coming to your personal life.

Few additional tips here:-

  • Some states use the term “In-Homecare” and “Non-Medical Home Care” business for a Group home Business.
  • Group home business is completely different from home care business. Group home is a non-medical home, or a residential facility which allows a group of people receive assistance with some degree of supervision.
  • Non-medical Group homes are different based on the type of their services and the type of license they have. Group homes are required to have license from their state, requires to have employees, policy and procedures etc. There will be inspection and monitoring system by the state officials to determine the type of license and to ensure the quality of care for the residents.

Consider to be part of the home care network in your state. For example, in Arizona, there is a Home care Association. There is no requirement to become a member of the association once you have your non medical home care business up and running. You will learn a lot from others in the association, you will be networked and you will increase your chances of getting new clients through the network.

Always be mindful of the people around you. Surround yourself with like- minded people. Learn from others, be inspiration to others as well.

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5 Tips to Build Self- Confidence

Have you ever wondered how to build your Self-Confidence specially in times of feeling low, down and when you’re going through self-doubt?

You are not alone,

You have to know that self- confidence can be developed through time because,

It is a skill, invisible skill, yes you can train yourself to become more confident in anything you do.

Here are the five tips I have for you.

Also, read till the end as I am going to give you 3 things that you need to avoid so can become self- confidence no matter what.

  1. Be persistent – Repeat the actions you want to be more confident and repeat over & over again. Be Persistence until you master it.
  2. Believe in yourself, no one will believe in you unless you do.
  3. Praise the positive behaviors and actions you have. If you can write a letter to yourself when you achieved your goals in the past, you can go back and read them and remind yourself that you’ve achieved a lot in the past and you can achieve more in the present and in the future. Notice and catch your success and strengths as they happen and praise them.
  4. Do something good to others, it is very rewarding, It boosts your confidence, and you will be noticed by others.
  5. Do healthy things to your body, spirit and mind every day. It can be working out, yoga time, spiritual time, making yourself healthy meals, resting and relaxing, reading books, etc. Reward yourself for what you have done so far in your life.

Yes, so many people struggle because of the following 3 things and they don’t identify them as an obstacle until too late to fix it.

  1. Avoid Negative People, stay away from people who tear you down- negativity is very contagious
  2. Avoid negative self-talk, “I can’t do it” self- talk pulls you down, instead have a positive self-talk and let negative thoughts go when they emerge through your thoughts.
  3. Avoid false self-pride – false self- pride can keep you blind from seeing what weaknesses you have. If you can’t identify the weaknesses, you can’t improve them, you can’t become a person, you can’t change, you will struggle more with low self- confidence. Be honest and be realistic, then work on yourself.

Read personal growth and development books, apply them in your everyday life, share your understanding with your close friends and family, keep on practicing and give honest critic to your improvement.

Be Confident!
Train yourself to become skillful, allow yourself to grow.

Don’t be hard on your-self.

Other people opinion is not who you are, learn from others, do you, and be you.

Surround yourself with like minded people.

Always have a desire to learn a new skill, invest in yourself, invest your time, your energy and your money on skills that can transform your life.

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Train yourself, remember that Self- Confidence a skill.

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