5 Tips to Build Self- Confidence

Have you ever wondered how to build your Self-Confidence specially in times of feeling low, down and when you’re going through self-doubt?

You are not alone,

You have to know that self- confidence can be developed through time because,

It is a skill, invisible skill, yes you can train yourself to become more confident in anything you do.

Here are the five tips I have for you.

Also, read till the end as I am going to give you 3 things that you need to avoid so can become self- confidence no matter what.

  1. Be persistent – Repeat the actions you want to be more confident and repeat over & over again. Be Persistence until you master it.
  2. Believe in yourself, no one will believe in you unless you do.
  3. Praise the positive behaviors and actions you have. If you can write a letter to yourself when you achieved your goals in the past, you can go back and read them and remind yourself that you’ve achieved a lot in the past and you can achieve more in the present and in the future. Notice and catch your success and strengths as they happen and praise them.
  4. Do something good to others, it is very rewarding, It boosts your confidence, and you will be noticed by others.
  5. Do healthy things to your body, spirit and mind every day. It can be working out, yoga time, spiritual time, making yourself healthy meals, resting and relaxing, reading books, etc. Reward yourself for what you have done so far in your life.

Yes, so many people struggle because of the following 3 things and they don’t identify them as an obstacle until too late to fix it.

  1. Avoid Negative People, stay away from people who tear you down- negativity is very contagious
  2. Avoid negative self-talk, “I can’t do it” self- talk pulls you down, instead have a positive self-talk and let negative thoughts go when they emerge through your thoughts.
  3. Avoid false self-pride – false self- pride can keep you blind from seeing what weaknesses you have. If you can’t identify the weaknesses, you can’t improve them, you can’t become a person, you can’t change, you will struggle more with low self- confidence. Be honest and be realistic, then work on yourself.

Read personal growth and development books, apply them in your everyday life, share your understanding with your close friends and family, keep on practicing and give honest critic to your improvement.

Be Confident!
Train yourself to become skillful, allow yourself to grow.

Don’t be hard on your-self.

Other people opinion is not who you are, learn from others, do you, and be you.

Surround yourself with like minded people.

Always have a desire to learn a new skill, invest in yourself, invest your time, your energy and your money on skills that can transform your life.

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Train yourself, remember that Self- Confidence a skill.

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