Earn Money with Self- Publishing eBook in 2021

Do you want to Earn Money with Self- Publishing eBook, do you like to be part of a solution finder in different ways?

Helping people get solutions for their problems by writing eBooks is one of the most generous ways to help others and to help yourself earn passive income.

Writing ebook is one of the most common digital marketing online business models.

In this post I will share basic tips on how to self-publish eBooks on AMazon in 2021 and beyond as one of your passive income streams.

Please, remember that Self publishing eBook is not to get rich quick. It is a long term online business strategy where you can slowly build your brand and then continue to generate income for years.

Tip #1 Ask “Why” you should write an ebook? What is your why? As a content marketer, you always have to position yourself in the direction of where people look for solutions for their problems.

In short, your “why” should focus on how to be a solution finder, be a storyteller where others can relate to, and become a game changer using influential words throughout your ebook.

Let me give you some examples of non-fiction ebooks: how to quit smoking naturally, how to lose weight working out from home, how to remodel your kitchen with low cost step by step, and how to start affiliate marketing with no experience to mention the few. You can write, fiction, romance, science, educational and different business ebooks as well.

Tip #2. Know How much can you earn on average? The price range varies, most commonly the price is between $2.99 – $9.99 for one ebook.

You have to know that there are 2 types of royalty plans that you can choose from, the 70% and 35% that Amazon shares with your self publishing ebook sales. There is eligibility and requirements that you have to meet. You just have to read through the requirements and pick one of the 2 options then you can start earning out of the royalty options as soon as you make your 1st sale.

Tip #3. Know How you can self- publish with no writing experience! Write down your personal experience, or your knowledge in a way that someone can benefit from it. Then, save your content as a PDF file, or on google word doc, or on microsoft word then transfer it to self-publish site. Just follow the instruction on Kindle direct publishing, go to kdp.com kdp stands for Kindle direct publishing.

There are self-guided resources on Amazon Kindle direct publishing website.

Or you can hire a content writer on Fiverr.com then you publish your ebook.

Short ebooks can be anywhere between 15 to 100 manuscript pages in length.

Tip #4. How can you scale it? In other words, how can you multiply and grow your income from publishing your ebooks? Always focus on branding, Publishing ebooks on Amazon is newby friendly, it is less complex compared to other digital marketing businesses. You can use your ebook as a lead magnet as an introduction to your high ticket digital products such as your high prices online courses. Through your ebook introduce your readers to your high ticket affiliate programs and other businesses that you may have.

Did you know, in the US only, 600,000 to one million books self-published every year?

Did you know?

Self Publishing ebooks take less than 5 minutes once you have your content ready and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours! I think That is very, really cool.

If you are designing your ebook cover you can use Canva.com for free.

Or, you can hire a designer on Fiverr.com to have a professional ebook cover.

Well, this is just a tip to inspire you to consider publishing an ebook so you can start earning some extra money by helping others.

I hope this post has helped you in some ways. If you would like to learn more about self-publishing ebooks, please leave me in the comment section.

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