How to Start a Non Medical Home Care Business

Starting a non medical home care business can be challenging in the beginning.

Note: Non medical home care business does not make you rich unless you are very passionate for care giving services but it does make you an amazing care provider if you love helping the needy and the elderly.

Non medical home care interchangeably also called group home business, assisted living business, or in- home care business. Some people get confused with senior assisted living facility with other assisted living homes. Senior assisted living facilities usually are bigger and they require health care professional staff such as registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

Most Common Types of Group Homes

  1. Non Medical Seniors Group Home.
  2. Group Home for Adults with Developmental Disability (DD).
  3. Group Home for Children with Developmental Disability (DD).
  4. Adult Behavioral Group Home (Non DD).

In this post, I will talk about Non Medical Senior Group Home

Caregiving Service is Amazing
Become an Amazing Home Care Provider.

Types of Services for Non Medical Seniors Group Home

For better understanding, non medical group home business is a business that provides personal care, assistance with activity of daily living such as assisting with showering, bathing, meal preparation, errand, transporting to medical appointments, help with laundry, assist and remind taking medications as prescribed, be companion, ensure and monitor for safety etc.

How Much Can You Make in Average?

Depending on your state, the location of your business and the type of population you serve, they type of bed and room you have for your residents such as the price for private room and shared room is very different, additional services such as luxurious services for wealthy seniors like fancy private rooms with some modern safety digital tools in their private room … etc. Generally, the compensation widely varies.

In average, your compensation can range from $3K – $7K monthly per a resident.

How Do You Get Paid?

Medicaid Insurance pays for seniors and for people with disability.

Private pay, wealthy seniors pay out-of-pocket from their retirement savings.

Division for Developmental Disabilities (DDD) pays for Developmental Disability group homes. Usually they do not pay a lot compared to Medicaid.

ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) and AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) – Mental Health and Addictions group homes get paid by the states long term care system, for example the State of Arizona has ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System), it is part of Medicaid program and AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) for Behavioral Health plans.

Group Home for Seniors
Group Home for Seniors

Steps to Start a Non Medical Home Care Business?

You can modify the steps to fit your business plan and your time.

Step One – Do Thorogh Research. Learn your State and City requirements, research how the market is in your area.

Step Two – Contact Your City Zoning Department to Find Out if Your Home Qualifies for Home Care Business

Step Three – Contact Your City Fire Department, Fire Marshal to Find Out Their Requirement

Step Four – Write your Business Plan.

Step Five – Establish Your Liability Limited Company (LLC)

Step Six – Get Your Employer Identification Number (EIN), you can go to IRS.GOV to apply online.

Step Seven – Contact Attorney and Accountant for best Legal Advice and To Have Clear Instruction.

Step Eight – Open a Business Account and Start Saving Money for Your Business and Use Your Business Account for Everything Business Related Expenses.

Step Nine – Prepare Your Home for Inspection based on the Type of Population You are Going to Serve.

Step Ten – Apply for Licensing – your state’s Department of Health Services, Residential Facilities Licensing.

Step Eleven – Prepare Your Organization Policy and Procedure, Have a Clear Policy for Your Employees.

Step Twelve – Hire Caregivers

Step Thirteen – Contact Your Referral Agents and Place Your Clients.

Step Fourteen – set Up Initial Training to Your Employees and Set Up a Regular Inservice Mandatory Training

Step Fifteen – Have Strong Network, Join Like – Minded Community, Learn from Others, Share What You’ve Learned.

Owning a non medical home care business requires you to have some unique qualities as it is a care giving service for the most vulnerable people.

I truly believe that providing quality care giving service for seniors and for the disabled can be very rewarding financially if you know what you are doing and if you do it with great intention.

Quality service increases the quality of your resident’s life, minimizes unnecessary hospitalization and saves millions of dollars that Medicare and Medicaid pays out every year for those very vulnerable population.

Group Home for Seniors & for Disabled
Group Home for Seniors & for Disabled

Some Great Tips To Become Successful…

Have Great Patience,

Be Resilience,

Be a smart risk taker,

Be Bold, have confidence in your business.

Be a Great Decision maker,

Be Joyful, Have a Smile on Your Face at all times

Have Attitude of Gratitude

Be willing to learn new challenges and to overcome obstacles.

Show love and care to your clients, show them great respect.

Have positive relationship with your employees but be Firm.

Be on top of your game, your success is in your hands.

Note: you can Rent your Licensed Group Home for a very good deal if you want, it increases your “CASH FLOW”

Please feel free to share your experiences, do you own a group home, or do you know anyone who owns non medical group home? Or do you know some one close to you who lives in a group home setting?

Tsigemariam G.

Peace and Success to you!!

2 thoughts on “How to Start a Non Medical Home Care Business”

  1. It is a wonderful business for the needy who really deserves great care and attention when their body can not support them anymore. It may happen when you are old, or old and disable, born disable.

    If someone is really passionate about helping seniors, have that kind of personality having a lot of patience they can be ideal fit for this kind of business.

    This post points out in detail how to start this business step by step.

    It is great way to serve people and earn good money.

    1. Anusuya, it’s Very true that serving the need requires a special gift! I know many people want to start but they don’t know how to start. Thank you so much for your great feedback 🙏🏾👌👍

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