What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate Marketing
How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

In this post I will talk about affiliate marketing, why affiliate marketing is a great business model, and what you need to start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a one of the online business models specifically falls under digital marketing.

There are four core digital marketing models: affiliate marketing, digital cources, couching & consulting and mastermind. Affiliate marketing usually is considerd as low value ladder whereas mastermind is the highest ticket in the value ladder.

It’s basically a “referral” and a “recommendation” to other people’s products and services.

It is a great way to help customers and companies by creating valuable content on the internet.

You can start as a part-time side hustle and grow to a full time income.

It’s possible to start from ground zero and scale it up and earn a full time income with affiliate marketing.

Within affiliate marketing business, there is a value ladder where you can sale low ticket products such as ClickBank digital courses for less than 50 dollar.  Same company with 50 dollar offer could have 500 dollar high ticket product which might increase your comission if same customer decides to buy the high ticket product.

I personally know a company which has a one dollar price ebook, a 7 dollar 15 day challenge training and a 3 thousand dollars worth of business blue prints which includes coaching services. As an affiliate marter for this company I can earn comission for each product value if I make a sale using my affiliate link.

If you like watching the summary of this content in a short video, feel free the check out my video right below.

Why Affiliate Marketing is a Great Business model?


It is a Low barrier to entry compared to other online business models.

Much lower overhead cost to start the business compared to traditional business.

You don’t need your own products.

You don’t need to deal with customer services such as returns of products or claims, or any customer service related issues.

You don’t need to build a team or hire employees.

It’s performance based compensation! You get a return based on your effort, your hard work will pay you off sooner or later.

Affiliate marketing enables you to leverage technology and to automate your business in the online space. As a result it gives you the freedom of time and enables you to live your life in your own terms.

Affiliate Marketing is Scalable!
Affiliate Marketing Business is Scalable!

It is truly a Scalable business – it enables you to generate income and scale your profit with or without your active presence.

What Do you Need to Start Affiliate Marketing?

  1. You need a proper mind-set – Affiliate marketing is not “get-rich-quick opportunity”, it’s not for everybody, it requires an open mind set that makes you become resilient and persistent.
  2. You need patience – No shortcuts to become a successful affiliate marketer. It’s mostly meant for a long term success with long-lasting results.
  3. You need a product or a service – Find a product that you believe is the best for your prospect customers.
  4. You need honesty – You have to be honest about the product, the benefits and the disadvantages of buying that specific product.
  5. You need traffic – When buyers are actively looking for best products or best services online, you as affiliate marketer present best products and services in front of the buyers by using Affiliate links.
Affiliate Marketing!
Affiliate Marketing Business has low barrier to entry!

Your traffic source can be free or paid, free traffic takes longer to get you results, paid traffic on the other hand brings you result so quick, for example you can use Facebook paid ads for your ClickBank products and start earning commission in a few months.

Free Traffic Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best free traffic if you use strategies such as SEO Keywords. SEO optimization is also the largest source of free traffic as a blogger, content writer or video content producer.

You need to use keyword tools such as Jaaxy Keyword research tool to get great and competitive keywords. I use Jaaxy keyword and do my keyword research before I start writing my content so I make sure the title I am using for the article is searchable and easy to find in google.

Another free traffic tip is, email marketing and social media. Social media traffic is free however it comes with some restriction such as no direct linking of your affiliate links on FaceBook, other social media platforms such as Quora, they require content writers to publish few articles before you can include your affiliate links.

However, it is possible to post your affiliate links within your articles and track free traffic to your affiliate offer.

Email marketing can be a great source of traffic but it cost few dollars for the automated services that you get for example I use AWeber autoresponder for my email marketing and it costs less than 10 dollars per month.

Another free traffic tip is, YouTube channel. You can use free keyword tools such as VidIQ for your YouTube contents so peaple easily can find your video. Use keyword search strategy and you need to be very specific for your video title.

Also remember to use thumnails for your YouTube video everytime you publish content so that people can go to your video and then to your affiliate offer within the video content.

Free traffic such as YouTube and Blogging websites may take longer to see consistent results. For Example, people shopping to buy a nice headphone online, and if they are looking for reviews on YouTube or Google they probably land on your review content and your affiliate links. If they decide to order the headphone by clicking your affiliate link, you earn commission.

You will have to repeat the same process over and over again to continue making money online as an affiliate marketer.

Because it is a performance based compensation, it is truly rewarding!

The more you stay focused, the more you will be productive!

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